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Miss. Lyin Lu Lin Liu      
      Ms Lin Liu was Hollywood actor union member because “Jow Carry”family Comedy
 in United States, International Hollywood Film Academy Founder and chairman of board. The founder of the global trade Group(GTG), founder of Beijing Lin Liu Int’l Cultural Exchange,and Beijing Hollywood Cultural Media Development etc. Ms. Lin Liu is an international folk  Cultural Ambassador. She studied international relations and the cultural market management. Learning the western modern art in design; composing music and score for film and TV, was awarded a gold medal at American musicians association original music.
    At the opening ceremony of the 1999 World Cup women's football tournament. She was preform on behalf of the American federation and local governments, for 100000 people in Los Angeles "rose bowl stadium in the face of President Bill Clinton and the President of the United Nations kofi annan sings the national anthem of the People's Republic of China. Bring 100000 people of applause and scream. After many times by the local media and become the screen actors guild members. This award is a lot of work in the United States Hollywood dream dream for life. But many people still be Hollywood doors shut out. Especially the Chinese. Later, Lin decided to give up the opportunity to become a star in Hollywood, dedication to Hollywood to open the "China dream" in China
    At the same time she also invented her first in the United States patent, 2013, and in China also apply for another of its own patent technology art. "3 d graphic process design" technology patents.
    In 2005 and 2006 she was working on the Beijing local cultural project development,she has bring American media delegation, the main role was Robe
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