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Hamed Ahamdyar
  Mr. Hamed, English name is Mike Hamdayar.  He is a real world pacifist activist, the current business role in research Officer of international cultural marketing development between USA and China in non-governmental exchange market . Italy Sicilian. He grew up in Japan and study in American, his father to arrange him knew the world better, sent him to Japan to study Asian folk culture since he was 4.
  He is also very know about Chinese culture. He has been committed to the cause of world peace, by himself and the French Blue Cross Medical Association in Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan and other countries set up a center for humanitarian hospital and children rescue many rescue nature, Japan's NHK also had TV series of reports about his family . He was hold the music concert In Japan 2007, the American music superstar Mike Jackson Tokyo charity activities. He has created a network of world affiliation around world.
  He also create A “ One thousand two million charity performance in Japan. In the American mainstream society is very sensational. He visits various countries around world in all of the years, the personal friendship and trust established between Africa and the extraordinary and all the European royal family. Especially strong and development for China's expectations and concerns infinite. He choose to participate in a powerful opportunity Intentional Hollywood Film School in China cooperation, it is because he wants to pass two cultural integration cooperation,
  The culture of basic education between the two countries to carry out a full range of exchange level from the folk and government, it makes two sides of young people can learn, to communicate through the film, comprehensively deepen mutual understanding, better to continue the tradition of friendship between China and America for the world peace.

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